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What are the legalities and policies for starting a cleaning business?
Hi guys, Wondering if anyone could help... I'm looking to start my own cleaning business... I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what legalities I need to consider, what policies I am going to need and just any advice on how best to cover every basis, when starting a new business. Could just really do with some help as I want my business to be legitimate, official and successful. I'm aware of having to inform HMRC of trading but is there anything else, or any advice people can give me to ensure I've done all the correct and relevant procedures. TIA 😊

Elizabeth Peeler

20th April 2022

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NQ you will need public liability insurance, you’ll need a COSHH manual for all products you’re using. Business insurance for vehicle

Loretta Jones

20th April 2022

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Nq are you currently working? Or claiming help from uc? If your on uc you can ask your work coach to place you on a start up business course which will help you understand what you need to do to become self employed and run your own business. Wishing you luck with your new venture x

Robert Dyer

20th April 2022

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