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What are the next steps if the car mechanic refuses to pick up a certified letter?
Could I have some advice please. Car mechanic has botched a repair leaving me with a damaged vehicle. Although he carried out the work he has caused alot of damage and lost parts of the engine. And lied too about road testing. I have a letter drawn up which is a citizens advice letter where I'm asking for my money back so that I can pay to have it repaired properly or pay the repair bill. He has blocked me on social media after I explained the issues. The house he done the work is his property that he sometimes lives in/rents out. If I send recorded letter and he doesn't pick it up what happens next? Thank you.


13th April 2022

Top Answer
NQ - can you not put through the letterbox yourself?

Marie Johnson

13th April 2022

NQ Royal Mail aren’t letting recipients sign for anything still because of covid so that won’t be able to back you up. You recording yourself on video making sure the address is clear and the front door etc is clear would be good. Knock first, if he answers, great, you have him on video. If he refuses to take the letter you say ‘okay I will stay here until you do, or until you close the door and I post it to you’ If you’ve given a timeframe when that’s over I’d honestly just go straight to small claims. Have you got evidence of the damage of your car made by him, before and after etc? Get absolutely everything you can including receipts and photos

Leola Wills

13th April 2022

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