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What are the next steps if the other party does not pay what is awarded by the court?
Good afternoon. Could I get some advice please. I've issued letter before action and will now apply to the courts for the next stage. I've been told that the court is pointless because the other party could still not pay what I am asking as its only for a judge to prove who's the rightfull winner. If he doesn't pay what's awarded what happens? Ccj against the person? Bailiffs? All at my extra cost? Thank-you


24th April 2022

Top Answer
NQ then the action would be pointless. You would be putting yourself through an awful lot of stress if they don't have any money. You need to find out if they own a property. If not then going forward you would not be able to do much especially if they rent. If they own a car is it on finance and do they have any assets?. Even if you won the judgement and there is no guarantee you would, They would never be able to pay you. Yes they would have a CCJ. Remember they may be able to get the action struck out and you could end up paying the legal fees. You have to consider long and hard before you go to court, A lot of cases are struck out. Have you offered mediation first? This is often a requirement for most courts.

George Schwieger

24th April 2022

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