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What are the next steps if you are unhappy with your solicitor?
Hi 🙂 can anyone please advise if unhappy with the service (or lack of) from a solicitor what is best to do? I feel as though he just took my case on knowing he would be able to charge a certain amount covered by legal aid but he didn't really help much throughout and then he let me down short notice when it came to trying to appeal a tribunal’s decision he said he would help me appeal but then last minute said he didn't think I had any grounds to appeal and that he would be closing the file I then didn't have enough time to prepare or submit an appeal (but have since been advised that I would of had grounds to appeal by 3 other people who are experienced with case law) I asked him for a breakdown of his charges for what work on my case he is saying he has done which I assume he will be asking legal aid to cover as something doesn't feel right but he has not responded? Can I ask legal aid for a breakdown of his charges?


16th April 2022

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