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What are the next steps if you want to take legal action against a neighbour for opening your mail?
Looking for some legal advice please regarding opening mail addressed to someone else. A little backstory - I've had problems with my 75 year old neighbour for a few years (he's frequently drunk, abusive and has put his fist in my daughter's face twice although not touched her). He put a note through my door this evening (one of many notes over the last 5 years or more) informing me that he refused to take a parcel in when I was at work today. That's fine, because I'd rather not have to converse with him anyway. However, I noticed on the back of the envelope that he wrote on, that it has the address of a specialist hospital that I'm being treated at for cancer. Our post person sometimes puts letters through the wrong door so it's quite possible that the letter he has opened (and written his note on the envelope) was actually addressed to me. I'm really really annoyed. He's pretty much admitted it to my mother with whom he communicates so I've little doubt that he's opened my mail. I've had to involve the police before due to his behaviour and I'm wondering what to do. Obviously I don't have solid proof of what was in the envelope (I'm going to ring the hospital tomorrow to see if they sent out a letter which I'm actually expecting) but I'm wondering what the next steps are if I want to take this further? Thanks.

Sandra Botta

23rd March 2022



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NQ. I sure that opening/ keeping someone else's mail is actually a criminal offence. Can you report him to the police? I think it would be advisable to speak to your postman if possible and ask him/ her to be very careful about putting your mail in the correct house.

Joe Thiessen

24th March 2022

NQ: Sign up for Patient Knows Best and medical letters that would arrive via post, is also emailed to you as well and arrives by email before you get it in the post. This is my backup incase something happens to the post.

Doris Lewis

24th March 2022

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