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What are the options for an unvaccinated NHS worker who is breastfeeding?
Hi. The government announced that the covid vaccine will be mandatory for nhs frontline workers. What rights do unvaccinated workers have? I have worked for the NHS for many years. I'm happy to be tested etc. I don't want to make anyone ill but I find it difficult to believe that I could lose my job in April because I refuse a vaccine. I originally refused it because I was pregnant. Now I'm breast feeding. I don't think I would get a medical excemption because of that. What are my options?

Robert Sigrist

17th March 2022



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April Byker

17th March 2022


NHS workers are now in the same position as those that work in care. If you want to do that job you need to comply with H&S requirements. I have attached this link from the breastfeeding network. Its run by pharmacists that specialise in medication and lactation https:// www.breastfeedin gnetwork.org.uk /coronavirus/


17th March 2022



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17th March 2022


NQ Was you fine when you were told you had to have the hepatitis vaccine when working for the NHS? Most vaccines only take a year to produce and then is tested for a few year's before being used With covid the situation meant that the vaccine had to be used for emergency reasons. With the benefits outweighing the risks, I can't see their being much scope of an exception to the vaccine if it reduces the spread of the virus and reduces the chance of mortality It's a hard one to stomach but the government has to think about patient safety while in a hospital setting just like they've done with care homes.

Stanley Schwartz

17th March 2022



Nurse As per breastfeeding network link above. I do not believe there will be any exemption for breastfeeding mothers. Your options will be to take the vaccine or be given notice on your job.

Janice Baker

17th March 2022



NQ but an NHS microbiologist. As far as I’m aware, this is not for all NHS workers, just patient facing staff, and there will be medical exemptions of course. Breastfeeding will not count as a medical exemption however as there are no contraindicatio ns there. These rules are in place to protect our patients first and foremost, which should be at the core of everything we do. I recommend speaking to a consultant one-on-one about this (they should be happy to as I believe it is part of the new scheme). They may offer to show you around their intensive care wards too, where the majority of Covid cases are unvaccinated persons. Our consultant director of pathology has offered this to hesitant staff in our laboratory. As a side note, I can recommend the following group: Vaccine Talk: An Evidence Based Discussion Forum. It’s full of healthcare professionals, epidemiologists , virologists, statisticians, and more, who are excellent at answering any questions you may have regarding vaccines.

Kristofer Hill

17th March 2022



HR. It will fall under the one of the 5 fair reasons of dismissal of statutory restriction, to dismiss you, as it has now become a statutory requirement to have the vaccine. Just thesame as someone who no longer has the right to work document in the UK. Although, steps will be taken to find alternative employment for you prior to dismissal however if you’re clinical, I don’t see how there will be a suitable alternative employment for you that will not be patient facing therefore still requiring the vaccine.

Cindy Polito

17th March 2022

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17th March 2022



NQ Having worked for NHS for over 10 years, I have to prove antibodies for Hep B every 2 years or get a booster if they’re not certain levels. Don’t see why COVID vaccine should be exception, considering it’s the only weapon in the pandemic. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are not exemptions for vaccination - whooping cough and flu vaccines are recommended during pregnancy. I assume you would need to change your career path if you plan to put lives at risk! Also Courts in many countries have ruled that compulsory vaccination is not against human rights!

Lorena Peterson

17th March 2022



NQ. My mum had her last shift yesturday in a care home. Although they haven’t physically handed her notice I assume it’ll be paid leave until then. My advice will be do not do anything until you’re handed your notice and then find another job. No union wants to fight this.

Mary Mcwhirter

17th March 2022

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NQ- (human rights activist) If you are vegan you are within your rights to decline the vaccine and they aren't allowed to discriminate or that you differently for it. Something that's 'mandatory' still requires consent. Please look into covid vaccine excemptions. Don't panic xxx