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What are the options for the person who received the letter before action?
Edit: received a letter before action about being taking to county court. Our leaseholder sent us a bill which we queried, they then followed up by taking us to County Court. Original sum was £500 now we're being asked to pay £1280. What are our options? Can I just pay the original amount to make this go away? I queried the original bill because I didn't know what the charge was for it just said S20 process. When I asked them they just sent me a generic link to leaseholder website I guess to show me they are within their rights to charge whatever they like. Original bill was sent in March but due to living abroad I didn't see it until May which they are aware of.

Barbara Maly

19th October 2021



Top Answer
Did you receive a "letter before action" before you received court papers - i.e. one saying, in effect, pay us within 14 days or we will take you to court?

Helen Green

11th February 2022


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