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What are the owner's rights in regards to an abandoned vehicle on private land?
Hi I am looking for advice regarding abandoned vehicle. It’s been 3 weeks since someone has squeezed their car into my car parking space that has a bollard as well as marking of my address in the spot. The parking is on private land and it’s part of 5 others. I have reported the vehicle abandoned to the council, however they have told me that it takes them 8 weeks to determine taking any action. This is a ridiculous rule from them which means I have to park my car elsewhere and on some occasions have to pay and display. The car park is not controlled by any company and the vehicles parked besides me are of the Neighbors. I have enquired around but nobody knows who’s vehicle it is. What are my rights in this situation, and what is the fastest way to move this car out of my parking space. Thank you All in advance.


19th March 2022

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