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What are the steps to revoke a vehicular right of way?
Hi, I’m after some right of way access advice please. I’ve got an ongoing issue with our neighbour blocking our drive- the issue is we own the drive and he has a right of way over without stopping (forget the technical definition) to his landlocked house. He’s repeatedly blocked the drive, had contractors in blocking our drive so we can’t pass and get out and today has repeated it. We’ve sent a letter asking them to refrain (we aren’t on speaking terms with him but neither are any of the other neighbours) and it’s been ignored I’d like to know what steps I could have to either revoke his vehicular right of way and / or that of any people delivering stuff to his house (if we can’t block his access) It’s becoming a pain and a nuisance and unfortunately there’s no reasoning with him The land is ours and the deeds are clear that he has enjoys a vehicular right of way to his drive down ours. Thanks

Robin Nowell

23rd December 2021

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