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What are the textile fibre content labeling requirements for reselling preloved goods?
Hi, new here. I hope this is ok. I wonder if anyone could shed some light. I'm looking at starting up selling preloved bridal wear. Textile legislation dictates, that you must detail the fibre content of a product, either with the sewn in care label or by swing ticket. I source items from various different places, some are charity warehouses etc and I can buy in bulk. A lot of items have the labels cut out already. So my question is, in cases such as a charity for example, do they not know this is legislation or is there an exemption for second hand items? Legislation says "old made up" textiles are exempt but whilst it defines textiles, it doesnt define, "old made up". If I can find the item via Google, which is actually quite rare, I could find the fibre content and add a swing ticket but that is not always possible, nor the most reliable. Does anybody have any insight to this when selling preloved goods? For bridal for example, fascinators, Bow ties, veils etc, none come with a sewn in label. I appreciate I could go to a solicitor but I cannot justify the cost to simply answer one question and stand to lose a fair bit of stock and revenue, if there are no exemptions for preloved goods. Many thanks

William Araujo

9th April 2022

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