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What can be done if a car is purchased with a logbook loan against it?
Help please. My hubby bought a car about 4 months ago. Started looking into upgrading him to something newer and when trying to get a part exchange value we were told it has finance against it... Turns out it has a logbook loan against it even tho the logbook has been able to get changed into his name. Now we are sat with a car that could be repossessed any day and can't sell or part ex it. What do we do to make the car ours? I've spoken to the finance company who can't tell me much due to GDPR but apparently has a substantial amount against it and have basically said we don't own the car, the finance company does. Any advise on what to do please would help massively. I've gone back through and found the eBay advert and got the sellers contact number. Got a feeling its going to be a claim through the small claims court but no idea where to start or what process to go down

Lisha Ramirez

29th December 2021



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I'm sure if you can prove that you bought it, not knowing it had finance on it. You can keep the car

Brenton Burrows

29th December 2021

As far as I’m aware, it sadly doesn’t matter how innocent you are in this. The car has finance on it, and it’s you who will undoubtably lose out. I would contact CAB. They can give you the advice you need.

Diana Blackwell

29th December 2021


With EBay you should always pay with PayPal. If they don't accept PayPal then usually means it's dodgy. With PayPal you will always be refunded if can prove dishonest/ fraudulent dealings. Sorry you have had this shock! Where did you pick car up from? Definitely ask eBay for help even if they can give you seller's details.

Elizabeth Nielsen

29th December 2021

Whenever you part with £1000s of pounds on a vehicle it’s always worth spending £10 on a HPI check through many online retailers. This gives you instant access to a vehicles history. If you purchased the vehicle on a forecourt then immediately contact them as your vehicle can be repossessed immediately. If you purchased the vehicle from eBay or third party then your only recoup would be through a small claims court but that will take a while and no guarantee in your money being returned.

Janet Ponce

29th December 2021

Unfortunately when purchasing a vehicle from a private seller you should always carry out your own checks especially HPI checks. They really don't cost much from my car check or others. Your only redress in this is against the seller. He/she did not have title to sell the car to you. It belongs to the finance company until paid for. Your claim is against the seller to you, just hope he is worth suing and had money and not a man of straw.

Eric Griffith

29th December 2021

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do you have a copy of the ebay advert ?

Thomas Hemmen

29th December 2021

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