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What can be done if a previous landlord is not returning a deposit?
Posting on behalf of a friend not in the group. The previous landlord is dragging their feet on giving back the deposit which was in a deposit scheme. She left the property mid March. The previous landlord as since stopped letting properties and is only contactable via email and is apparently awfully abrupt and rude. Where does she go from her as the previous landlord is ignoring emails abs is not contactable any other way. Many thanks.


14th April 2022

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NQ - they need to reach out to their tenancy deposit scheme. They will have been sent a registration number and email from the scheme at the start of their tenancy and invited to set up an account with said company. The landlord themselves do not hold the deposit, if they (the scheme) contact the landlord and no response is given then they would receive a refund of their deposit. If the landlord does make contact with the scheme and wishes to take deductions that’s a different conversation. Having previously gone through the mediation process with TDS and a previous landlord you can be set for quite a lengthy battle ours took almost 4 months to get our money back (TDS finding in our favour) Other things to consider, if your friend has terminated their tenancy early their deposit is still under holding for the duration of the entire tenancy agreed in the original FTTA unless the landlord agrees to release them early, if no agreement is made the LL can use this as grounds to deduct arrears from the held deposit. It is a legal requirement for all landlords to hold deposits in the manner (England) https:// www.gov.uk/ tenancy-deposit- protection

Mildred Andersen

14th April 2022

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