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What can be done if one's coworkers laugh at them for their mental illness?
What shall I do if my manager and the rest of my work mates laugh at me because I take pills for my mental condition? I have stated on my medical form that I suffer from mental illness and take medication for it. I dont feel like coming back to work anymore...


16th March 2022

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NQ, do you have an HR department? If so explain the situation to them and ask them to deal with this situation.

Betty Pavone

16th March 2022

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NQ. Your company may have an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). All confidential but anything deemed worthy of reporting will be sent to HR. Additionally, your HR department may have a whistle blowing policy (or safeguarding policy). Look in there for referrals and complaints process. I assume you have taken the normal channel of exploring options with your line manager?

Thomas Wilson

16th March 2022

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