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What can my friend do if he cannot find a school to take both of his children and the council will not help?
Hi there Can some one give my friend some advice. His children started school but he couldn't find a school to take both of them, now the children in two separate schools, he spoke with council, the council said we don't have places for both and he did appeal regards the council decision,its been refused. Plus he seeked the help from citizens advice bureau many times but nothing. He and his wife working,Now they r really struggling to pick up the children. Any advice ?

Norma Sisson

30th March 2022

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Why are after school clubs or childminders not an option? Both parents can request flexible working from their employer if they're eligible.


31st March 2022

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NQ - was a primary school governor for many years, and was part of a team that established a new secondary school. Unfortunately, your issues with the school run are not something they need to take into consideration when making school placements. First, make sure that you are on the waiting list for your preferred school, or for both schools for each child to increase your chances of getting them into one school. You should go fairly high on the waiting list as it is ordered according to admissions criteria, and you will be given sibling priority. Look up the in-year transfer requirements for each school. Second, you might want to consider looking around at other schools and seeing if there are any that are suitable for you that have vacancies in both year groups. If you are near a border with another local authority, go to that local authority to find out what sorts of vacancies they have. The local authority where you live will only look at schools in their area. Third, until you get a placement you will need to make arrangements, and this is down to you I am afraid. You can see if one of the school's will allow you to drop off earlier and/or pick up later - perhaps to sit in reception or the classroom. Or you may need to arrange for them to go into the breakfast club/ afterschool club. Some schools allow children to be dropped off up to 15 mins early without cost to the parent.

Dorothy Jarrard

31st March 2022

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