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What can my friend's partner do if they want full custody but can't afford a solicitor?
Asking for a friend not on fb. She lives with her partner. (No married) They have a 2 yr old son together. Partner has a 7 yr old daughter who spends every other weekend and from friday evening to monday morning and a mid week night.with them. When they have her My friend ensures all homework.done and child goes to school in correct uniform.clean and tidy. There are no behaviour issues. When.with partners ex no school.work done. Child not sent to.school in correct uniform and teeth and hair aways unclean.(hair knotted and tangled food on it and greasey.) Her behaviour baf. She has broken a tv in her room at her mums hit het mum. She has been suspended from school.4 times since October 2021 for hitting other children and suspended from.breakfast.and after school club for the same. This only happens when staying with her mum. Mum.now is claiming child is autistic. My friends partner.would like full.custody. but cant afford solicitors. What can they do


4th April 2022

Top Answer
Nq He can submit a C100 form and represent himself.

Pablo Greene

4th April 2022

NQ- document everything, from now and recently as much as you can remember Legal aid? If he’s on low income or benefits of any kind might get legal aid There are also charities. Can highlight behaviour problems but the dirty hair/clothes is neglect. So speak to a solicitor that does a free consultation and go from there

Ruben Pardee

5th April 2022

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