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What can the grandparents do about their stolen and destroyed tent?
Hello. Sorry in advance for the length of the story. Our ex son-in-Law was taking our granddaughter camping a few weeks back. He came to us and asked if he could borrow our tent and camp beds as when he took his tent out of storage is was covered in mildew. We weren't overly keen at first as it was a very expensive tent but decided we didn't want our granddaughter to be disappointed and it was only for two nights. In my own words "What can he do to it in two nights?" He took her on the Friday and later that evening we got a call from him asking us to send him £150 as he had run out of money. As we said above we're not rich people so had to say no. He then sent a very odd text saying "If you can't afford the money then I will have to return to work tomorrow and won't have time to take your tent down properly". We asked what he meant by that but the text was ignored. The next day he returned our granddaughter (we work as an intimidate between him and our daughter) but not with our tent. When we asked where it was he said "I went to the club house this morning with (GD name) and when we came back it had been stolen out of the car. Life is shit sometimes. The camp site said they'd look into it" We were furious as it was an obvious lie. He then refused to tell us the camp site name and drove off. After two weeks we manged to track down the campsite and contacted them. They informed us that he had stayed with them and he had left the tent up when he had left. They contacted him to ask if he was going to remove the tent. He told them "Do what you f\*\*king want with it" and slammed down the phone. Sadly, as due to their policy, the tent had been taken down and destroyed along with several split bags of rubbish he had left. They also said that the tent was in a very poor state and had been slashed. We contacted him with this new information when he told us to "F\*\*k off" and then blocked us. We are heart broken as we are retired and it was our little home away from home. It can be replaced but not without a struggle. Is there anything we can do? We have spoken to a few people and it doesn't seem like there is much legally we can do. Thank you for any help you can give.

Patricia Eplin

25th September 2021



Top Answer
Sue him for it. Seems a pretty clear cut case. Possibly also a criminal charge for criminal damage.

Jill Horne

27th January 2022



Sure thing, sue him in small claims. See if the site will give you a statement and then claim on his negligence.

Lois Rieger

27th January 2022



Do you have his address? Any action you can take can only be done with an address. Firstly you would need to send ‘letter before action’ outlining the value of the claim and reasonable time to pay. Then if nothing is forthcoming, raise a money claim online.

Kyle Tubbs

27th January 2022



Makes a small claims online. All online and easy to do. Costs £70 which you’ll get back from him. Make sure you select the ‘add interest’ button which adds 8% to it and it increases daily. He gets 2 weeks to respond and if not, a judge will find him guilty (all online) and then he legally owes the money. Find someone to serve him the papers and wait. If nothing, bailiffs will collect and he has to pay for everything, bailiffs, judge, court etc

Josephine Jones

27th January 2022



In addition to making a claim for the loss of the tent... it doesn’t sound like a very healthy or safe environment for your granddaughter. The anger issues, agressive and destructive behaviour are not OK, but also if his story about the £150/work is true, that makes me think he may not have the resources to care for her appropriately. Please consider reporting this to any social workers who might be supporting your family and also consider using this incident to make the case that your granddaughter may be at risk if left alone with him, particularly overnight, and particularly in a remote area.

Russell Perrine

27th January 2022



He was blackmailing you for the money, and is angry that you didn’t go through with it. As well as suing him in small claims, I would be extremely concerned about your granddaughter. He sounds abusive.

Paul Suarez

27th January 2022



Sue as per others and get social services involved. This man is a danger to your grandkids.

Barry Crecelius

27th January 2022



As well there say, small claims court. Sounds like he is working, so if he refuses to pay you can apply for an attachment of earnings order which means that a sum must be deducted by his employer when he gets paid until the debt is paid off.

Antonio Panzarino

27th January 2022



Tbh this man doesn’t sound stable enough to be around your granddaughter. Sorry you have to deal with this.

Young Moffitt

27th January 2022