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What can the mother do about her ex's negative comments in front of the children?
I'm not sure where to go from here. Solicitors are involved already my children's dad recently came back into their lives after 7 months of no contact (his choice) he's only seen them 3 times so far and already he's making negative comments about me infront of them, is accusing my daughter of being a liar in front of her and im 99% sure he's saying stuff to her and telling her not to tell me. He's a narcisstic and treated me like this for years and now im seeing him do the same thing to the children what can I do? A social worker is involved with my daughter atm cos she is struggling. There's so much more to this and alot more I could say but I want to keep it short and basic . Thank you


13th March 2022

Top Answer
NQ- Unless he’s been to court and got a child arrangement order stating when he sees them then you do not have to let him have contact. Sounds like a contact centre may be the best way to have safe contact.

Emilio Dunn

13th March 2022

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