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What can the person do about their personal information being sent to a stranger?
Had a call earlier today from a random stranger. She had requested to register at the same surgery as me, and had been sent all my data. I recently filled in forms on my surgery's website to update my new address due to moving. Somehow, my request form got sent to this stranger. She had me full name, DOB, old address, new address, email and my children's names and DOB too. I contacted my surgery, who knew about it as the lady had also called them to inform them. They have said they need the data back from her, but I'm meeting her myself to get it from her. What can I do about this? My surgery have said they are following all guidelines and advice provided in this scenario. My main concern is whether my info has been shared without than this one person? With that info, my youngest could easily trust a stranger, especially as no one knows our new address except close friends and family. Should I do anything or give the benefit of the doubt that it's an error?


9th April 2022



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NQ - You can contact your local HealthWatch for advice, it sounds very much like a GDPR breach to me, but then I’m sure somebody but a qualified can advise you.

Israel Pruden

9th April 2022

NQ thats a severe confidentiality breech I would be asking for the HR department to report to

Anthony Imperial

9th April 2022

NQ. Contact the information commissioner’s office

Terrence Wills

9th April 2022

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NQ this is a gdpr breach. The surgery should write to you to apologise and explain how it happened and what they are going to do to prevent it from happening again.

David Funk

9th April 2022

NQ: First off you need to contact the surgery if it was them that are responsible for the data breach so perhaps as a first point of call contact the practice manager, along with the data controller (in essence the surgery are the data controller if it's them that sent it out). If their response is less than satisfactory then the next step would be the Information Commissioner. You can also call the ICO (Information commissioner) for an informal chat, they'll tell you what steps next to take.

Robert Johnson

9th April 2022

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