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What can the person do if their ex is demanding they pay half of their child benefit to them?
Please help. My ex is demanding I pay half child benefit to him as we 50/50 care . He self employed full time and I earn £50-100 a week if I’m lucky .

Robert Perrin

23rd April 2022

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NQ benefits advisor with experience in this, child benefit can’t be split 50/50, you can if you wish come to your own agreement, child benefit is not means tested as such but annual income of over £50k starts to reduce entitlement and then it stops ( possibly not relevant but in the off chance he is high earner and not entitled) . He could make his own claim to child benefit and they would then suspend your claim until they decide which parent it should be paid to, even with 50/50 for benefit purposes one parent is treated as main carer, normally the only that’s address is registered with school/ doctors/ dentist etc. maybe worth a call to child benefit

Daniel Loehr

23rd April 2022


Nq if it’s shared custody/care no parent is asked to pay maintenance??

Sonia Gaunce

23rd April 2022

NQ: there is a dedicated fbk group for CMS issues, Child Maintenance Service UK- questions, answers, Advice, support. There you might find more specialist advice straight from the source, good luck 🤞

Louis Wessels

23rd April 2022

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NQ - but similar situation, I have two children not sure how many you have, my ex wanted 50/50 split for child benefit as we have a 50/50 custody order. He put a claim in, all child benefit was suspended, had to send evidence in and child benefit decided to award us one child’s child benefit each. If you only have 1 child it can’t be split so they will decide who to pay it to. Evidence which can help you to hold on to it is for example what address they are registered at for school, doctor, dentist etc.

Adam Garcia

23rd April 2022

NQ- something else to think about, presuming you dont currently pay national insurance because you don't earn enough, if you have a child/children under 12 the parent receiving child benefit will get national insurance credits (class 3). Very relevant if you don't want to end up with gaps in your NI record for pension etc in the future. https:// www.moneyhelper. org.uk/en/ benefits/ benefits-if-you- have-children/ protecting-your- state-pension-w hen-you-have-a- baby#:~:text=Us ually%2C%20you' ll%20build%20up ,if%20you're%20 not%20earning.

Margaret Clore

24th April 2022

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