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What can the person do if their stepbrothers won't agree to sell the house?
Hello... I wonder if someone can give some advice. My dad died 13 years ago, and left everything to his second wife (not my mother). She died 2 years ago. Her will made her 2 sons from a previous marriage executors, and me and my brother beneficiaries with everything to be divided equally in 4. The brothers won't agree to sell the house (my childhood home) despite me and my real brother asking continuously for the last year. One of the stepbrothers came out of prison in September after serving 7 years for armed robbery. He has moved into the house, is renting the rooms out, and it's like a slum. He wasn't living there prior to his conviction. The other stepbrother is uncontactable and won't answer my calls or emails, although I know where he lives. I have had the house valued by three estate agents, but they won't sign the forms to put it on the market. What can I do?

Geneva Han

5th April 2022


Top Answer
NQ. I'm going through a similar situation. You must instruct a probate resolution solicitor to help you navigate this. It's very complicated but you can have them removed as executors. They are failing in their duty to administer the estate and gaining from their position.

Thomas Shaw

5th April 2022



NQ why was my comment removed?

Dan Brooks

5th April 2022

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