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What can the speaker do about their noisy neighbors?
Hello my neighbours are constantly doing wood work in the garden it's more of a hobby I think but it's annoying when you got washing out as the saw dust and smell is getting on it.. you cstnt sit in your garden and have a conversation with friends as he's constantly drilling banging sawing . What can I do it's morning till about 4 in afternoon I don't enjoy my garden


18th April 2022


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NQ - it’s classed as an environmental health issue, the usual course of action for this is to report it via your local council and they will offer guidance of what is deemed acceptable. The next steps are for you to provide monitored recordings of the sound levels and frequency. It’s a long process (several months of making recordings). You may be provided with specialist equipment from your local EHO to perform this

Mildred Andersen

18th April 2022

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