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What constitutes reasonable force when attempting to stop an individual from stealing a motorbike?
Last night 2 individuals wearing motorbike helmets came into my enclosed garden and attempted to steal my motorbike, no doubt they will be back. My question is what constitutes to reasonable force. It is unknown if they had tools on them, if this situation happens again can I arm myself and attempt to subdue them until the police arrive? Or would it be classed as affray? As there are multiple of them I don’t think I can make a citizens arrest without some force and threat level. Also would I be able to release my dog on them? I might be over thinking the situation but I suffer from anxiety and depression.... I did report it to 101


9th April 2022


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NQ but previous experience. If you feel threatened for your safety of you, or your property you can protect it with as much reasonable force as is required. The law even take a lenient view of your actions in my experience. As long as your adamant throughout you felt your safety was under threat.

Marietta Alba

9th April 2022

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NQ - you are allowed to use appropriate force to protect yourself and your property. If they are armed or more than 1, then the level of force is increased. Even if you strike first you are still able to use self defence.

Leo Masterson

9th April 2022

Ricky Allen


10th April 2022

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