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What did the speaker's sister do with their father's belongings after he died?
Hi my dad found out he had cancer in November 2021 but then in December 2021 was told it was everywhere and there was nothing there could do on Christmas Day he was took in hospital I am the youngest out of 4 of he’s chrildren I was asking my sister what was happening she just used to say everything is sorted so on the 29th December 2021 I phoned the hospital to be told there were going to put him in rest care were he would die there and I told them no way he is coming home to he’s own house as we have a big family to care for him so the care nurse got everything he would need at home my sister told me I had no right to do this my dad passed 2 weeks later it was he’s own house he worked from 15 till he was 70 years old he saved every penny he had in ices and other things but now my sister is saying she can’t find the will I no he had a will he had all he inpionted letters in a folder but then my sister said there was no will she has now giving everything out of he’s house away as she is moving in the house but I have no say in the matter I don’t no what to do about it


19th April 2022



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NQ Did Dad use solicitor to do his will? They may have copy. Also if no will it should be divided equally to all next of kin. Was he married when he passed?

Randy Vanmatre

19th April 2022



Tax Adviser. In the absence of a will the 4 children will share the estate equally. Your sister has no more right to move in there than any of her siblings. If not done so already someone will have to apply for letters of administration, in order administer the estate. https:// www.gov.uk/ applying-for-pro bate/ if-theres-not-a- will

Cary Brown

19th April 2022



If there is no will then your fathers estate will go through probate (if its valued over ab certain amount) and because theres 4 children you all get an equal share,,, the house doesnt belong to your sister and shes not allowed to give anything away until its all be valued,,

Terry Villiard

19th April 2022



NQ You say that you know he had a Will. How do you know that? Be specific. If he did have a Will, then your sister has intermeddled in both the execution and distribution of the estate

Rogelio Hawkins

19th April 2022


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