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What do I do if I receive a bill from a company that I didn't open an account with?
Hi can anybody help me? When my energy supplier COMPANY A went bust in October my account was then taken on by COMPANY B. So during the transition period I received emails from COMPANY B stating that I do not have to do anything, my balance (over £500) would be passed over to them and they would set up a new DD with my bank so nothing to worry about. So happy about that no problem. Then in December I received a letter to my address to a name who does not live with me from COMPANY C thanking me for switching my supply to them. Immediately I ring COMPANY C informing them of the mistake, they put my mind at rest agreeing that there's some mistake and to ignore the letters. I also ring my supplier to inform and they say I'm still supplied by them and in my transition period with switching to them and had no contact from COMPANY C so nothing to worry about. Few weeks later another letter from COMPANY C. Again I ring just to put my mind at ease and they confirm there must be a mistake and the letters will still keep coming until they can make contact with the person who opened the account. Next letter first bill, next letter second bill, next letter payment demand, next letter final payment demand. While receiving these letters I've had email correspondence with COMPANY C but can't get to the bottom of it without them making contact with the person who opened the account. Yesterday I received a letter from a bailiff company. Immediately I called them to explain the situation and they say the warrant would be against the address not the person who opened the account and they would be gaining entry to change the meters to pre payment meters. I explained that I have no problem paying for what I have used but I'm not paying a bill that is in somebody else's name for an account they had opened at my address. Following this I ring my supplier COMPANY B and they do some checks and apparently from December 2nd my supplier is indeed COMPANY C, when I ask how is this possible when I have an account with you I'm in credit with you and I give my meter readings to you and the answer was we don't know but we will look in to it. Then I have an email from COMPANY B saying we are sorry your leaving us? As you can imagine this is frying my head now, what do I do? COMPANY C wont even deal with me over the phone as I'm not the account holder.

Jimmy Young

8th April 2022

Top Answer
NQ - I would ring the police and report it as fraud if someone has opened accounts to your address when they don’t live there, and then contact the ombudsman

Michael Dayley

8th April 2022

NQ - have you put in complaints with the companies? I know it sounds silly but I got nowhere and almost ended up thousands out of pocket until I put a complaint in with my energy company. Told I’d get a call within the next week and got a call the same day and it was resolved Baring in mind I had 10 or so conversations and didn’t actually put in an official complaint and just got nowhere. As if you put in a complaint you can take it to ofgem and the energy company will want to avoid that

Ruben Pardee

8th April 2022

NQ - Have you made a formal complaint with the energy provider? I’d give the energy ombudsman a call and not email them as the ombudsman says if it’s urgent best to call. Are you a owner/tenant of the said property?

Derek Gonzalez

8th April 2022

NQ if the account is not in your name then you are not responsible for the debt. Upon changing from Company B they should have refunded any credit - they have 6 weeks from the switch date to issue a final bill and 10 working days from the final bill to refund any credit - so if the switch date was 2nd Dec you should have had a final bill from Company B by 13th January and refund by 27th January. They can not force entry to install prepayment meters and have to allow setting up other ways to pay first - but as it's not your debt you shouldn't have to pay it and you should be given the chance to prove its not your debt and that the person named doesn't live at the address. Some helpful stuff on these websites: https:// www.citizensadvi ce.org.uk/ debt-and-money/ action-your-cred itor-can-take/ bailiffs/ stopping-bailiff s/ stopping-bailiff s-at-your-door/ https:// www.ukpower.co.u k/ gas_electricity_ news/ how-to-stop-your -energy-supplie r-installing-a- prepayment-mete r https:// www.ofgem.gov.uk / information-cons umers/ energy-advice-ho useholds/ check-if-you-are -owed-money-you r-energy-bill Might also be worth reporting it to Action Fraud and getting a reference number.

Timothy Shaw

9th April 2022

NQ but have worked in energy. As it was not you who switched the supply this is called an erroneous transfer. Contact Company B and raise a complaint for your supply to be changed back to them. Contact company C and also make a complaint, you can do this as a third party. Explain to them that it has been an ET and this should then put a stop to any warrant action. Advise both that as you have been in constant contact with both that you are happy to take it to the ombudsman and if they refuse to help ask for an 8 week letter as this will allow the ombudsman to intervene

Gerald Lair

9th April 2022

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NQ- it's illegal to open post that isn't addressed to you, even if it's coming to your home. Write "Not known at this address" and put back in a post box. If/when you have bailiffs turn up just show them your council tax bill and another form of ID and they'll leave.

Kathy Gatewood

9th April 2022

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