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What do the different coloured lines on a title plan represent?
NQ: advice needed on title plans please, the solid black line, is red on the computer, I can't print colour, can someone please explain the lines, such as the dotted lines etc to me please. If possible mark out who the land belongs too. Were Gilfach-y-Rhew.

Kristen Cobb

11th April 2022

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NQ, dotted lines are normally public access ie footpaths. Although not sure if Wales is the same as england

James Mullins

11th April 2022

NQ - if these are the title plans for the property / land named Gilfach-y-Rhew and the solid black line is actually red on the plan, this suggests the solid line is the boundary line however I’m not sure what Ysgubor is as appears to be inside the boundary.

Rhonda Schultz

11th April 2022

Any further advice appreciated please. X

Kristen Cobb

11th April 2022

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