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What does my friend need in order to take his ex-partner to court over their property?
Hi all. My friend has separated from his partner (not married) of 16 years for just short of a year. She is left in the house as it was better he wasn’t there. The house is owned outright by them now but it was his family home which was left to him and his brothers and he bought them out. A few years later he met his partner and she bought into and added value to the property. She is trying to agree on a 54% to herself and 46% for him. My friend is willing to agree to this but he wants his family home back so he wants to buy her out. She’s having none of it as she wants to buy him out. Did I mention she has undervalued the property to suit her figures so she can afford to buy him out. All he wants really is the house to be sold (hopefully buy her out) so he can move on. It looks like it’s going to be a court route where it will be 50/50 anyway so she will be losing out?! Would he need a solicitor in court? Also what else does he need to take it to court? I keep reading he first needs a CCJ but I don’t follow at all. Some advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Timothy Morehouse

21st April 2022

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