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What is the best option for taking a business to small claims court for unfinished work?
Hello We are looking at taking a business to the small claims court as the standard of rendering work was poor and unfinished. We didn’t pay the full amount as the work has not been finished. We have offered countless opportunities for them to recitify the situation. Any advice on whether to request a complete refund? Or to request money which will cover the work to be completed again, by someone else? Does anyone know would be the best option?

David Cardenas

8th April 2022

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NQ I am a qualified bricklayer and a building site manager. Your comment of poor work needs to be established as building works are usually inspected using tolerances. There is the saying’ beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. What you consider poor others may find acceptable and the judge will make a decision based on the evidence. Is the mix of the render correct? Does it range through? If it is K Rend the manufacturers will have a technical department that will give you the standards. Another good source for ‘building standards’ is the NHBC website. You may need the assistance of a building surveyor and/or a Forensic building scientist. The latter to ascertain the quality of mix. If you go to court it’s mainly about facts and not your own opinion regarding quality! As they haven’t finished etc I think you need advice from someone who knows the law. I think this comes under the consumer Act ? Be warned even small claims court can be very stressful- Good Luck

Stephane Young

8th April 2022

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