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What is the best way to change from joint ownership to tenants in common?
Hello. Need help. I keep it short as possible. Me andy ex, not married have 2 children, 50/50 care ordered by court. We bought flat thru Right to Buy scheme in November 2017 where no deposit was used and mortgage was needed for £50000 pounds. After few months I found out he cheated. He move out promising me all sorts. Almost 5 years later and him being difficult to resolve in any way, not paying anything towards mortgage which is ok, refusing to remortgage and then later pulling out twice from transfer of Equity to my name when he agreed I pay him £6000 pounds for costs plus solicitor fee. Question 1-I want to apply to change from joint ownership to tenants in common and what procentage as I am not sure is it up to me?. Is it right step before I go to court? Question 2- What law is best used in my situation to apply to court? Question 3- Anything else I need to think about while applying to court? Thank You for help. I am very grateful.


24th April 2022

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Any one can help?


25th April 2022

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