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What is the best way to get a refund for an unfinished job where the company has your deposit?
I paid someone to put security gates on my door , they did that within 1 week but they also took £100 deposit for my window gate too which I’m still waiting to be done , apparently the window gates are made at another site ….. I’ve been waiting 8 weeks now , Originally they told me It would be ready in 2-3 weeks , i ring them but they just tell me it’s not ready yet ……….. any advice? I didn’t get a receipt for my deposit ….. But I filmed myself ringing on my phone with their phone number showing on camera our Conversation when I asked them for update , he said it wasn’t ready yet and he’ll get back to me ……. Is that enough evidence ? 

Kenneth Stinson

11th March 2022

Top Answer
NQ. There's a letter called 'making time of the essence' on the citizen's advice website you can use. You could then send notice to fire them by recorded delivery of they haven't done so in 14 days or so. And then pay a fee at small claims court to recover the deposit if it's not returned. This may come under professional negligence as they haven't made good on something within a reasonable timeframe. You then sue to Recover your financial loss if they've refused to pay it back.

Hilton Gutierrez

11th March 2022

Non-practising sol. Have you asked for your deposit back?

Tommie Cavanaugh

15th March 2022

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