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What is the difference between voluntary form E and financial remedy proceedings?
Morning. I have to decide now whether we do voluntary form E or financial remedy proceedings. My husband earns much much more than me except now he’s claiming he doesn’t. He wants to buy me out of 2 properties. Would a form E deal with all this? He has been lying about other stuff and money spent etc. If I go to court what sort of money are we talking? I don’t have much money so woujd. Have to borrow those fees. I know this is a bit rambling but my head is all over the place?


13th March 2022

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NQ Form e is not voluntary. It’s the official form as regards financials (assets, property, bank accounts, mortgage, pensions, debts). You’d need it for mediation, and the court process It so not in itself difficult to complete. Everything has to be backed up with evidence so you need to start gathering statements Once completed and exchanged you can then challenge information you believe false , missing etc Better to do so amicably as court is expensive, £10-15K probably, but costs soar if parties argue, can’t agree etc. One option is a litigation loan.

Jeanette Martinez

13th March 2022

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