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What is the law that requires photo ID to sell a Switch at Game?
I attempted to sell a Switch at Game, stood there for about an hour, they formatted it and tested it, however as they were about to buy it, they asked for Photo ID which i don't have, i provided a Birth certificate and Proof of Address. They specifically said, it's the Law. By Law i have to proof my Identity. What Law? I don't drive or plan on international travel, why should i go out of my way to purchase a Passport and Provisional License.

Cecelia Burke

23rd April 2022


Top Answer
NQ: Unfortunately it would appear they are correct but I understand your frustration. The County of Lancashire Act 1984 requires dealers in second hand goods to be registered and to keep certain records. You are not permitted to carry on the business of a dealer in second hand goods unless you and the premises from which you trade are registered with the local authority. The requirements are to enable the identification of persons passing on stolen goods and are to protect dealers from allegations relating to receiving stolen goods.

Judith Peterson

23rd April 2022



NQ but my husband worked for a pawn broker - You’ll need to provide photo ID as part of their AML requirements and as verification. A Birth Certificate would not suffice as you could provide anyones birth certificate. As mentioned above, they need the relevant evidence which would be provided to the police should the items you are selling prove to be stolen goods.

Mitzi Pinks

23rd April 2022



NQ but retail manager. A birth certificate is not a proof of identification as it doesn't have a photo. You could take anyone's birth certificate. Same as proof of age for age restricted products, it has to have a photo on to verify it belongs to you.

Sandra Haley

23rd April 2022


Nq. But i completely understand your frustration as any forms of photo identification you have to pay for. If any can advise any free way of doing this then ?

Larry Mccullough

23rd April 2022

NQ- there’s a digital ID called YOTI, You have to signup for it , it can be used to verify your age as well to buy 18+ stuff , not sure though if game shop will accept it , worth a try !

Helen Ingham

23rd April 2022

NQ. My driving licence is a medical one for 3 yrs they sent through forms about 1 month prior to end date. That was September 2021. It expired end of oct. I needed photo ID to be a signatory for a charity and have basically been forced to buy a passport as DVLA take SOOOO long to do these licenses. I can’t even drive my new car when it arrives unless have a valid licence even thought can drive under s certain rule, crazy. Also I found very little will be accepted as photo ID even a blue badge isn’t accepted which is daft.

Dwayne Mendias

23rd April 2022

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