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What is the likelihood of the court siding with the father if he speaks negatively about the mother?
I plan for mediation with my sons dad, should this escalate to court, he has told me to “keep digging, don’t you think I keep things back to back my corner with your silly games?” I would not, and will not ever tarnish my sons dad in the courts, although there is a sh*t load he’s done that I don’t agree with. Dot. Get me wrong I’m not perfect and have bit back in numerous occasions. I want to go for set days and times for our sons contact, and limited contact with my sons dad, he won’t agree to use a co parent app or to email me so my next stop is mediation. In regards to what could come at bite me, I’m unsure what he means, but would the court likely be in his favour if he rants and raves about me, and should I be building a case? I don’t want this animosity


9th April 2022

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NQ mediation isn't binding and to be honest with you if he plays games you will be better of going to court. Mediation is an expensive waste of time if both parties aren't willing to reach a deal. Just remember a court order is served on you not so much him. You will be required to have child ready at assigned times. He does not have to show if he doesn't want to and you have no recourse. Courts won't punish non resident parents for not showing. The benefits of the order is you have a clear plan on when he could show up. If you get a lives with order it also means you can take the kids on holiday without him holding you to ransom. You still need to tell him but he can't say no. So I would recommend you call his bluff and file for a CAO. He can say whatever he wants the court generally don't give two hoots unless it's a safeguarding riak

Jeanne Metts

9th April 2022

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Llm graduate - you will have to show that you at least attempted mediation..with effective mediators can help you reach a resolution.

Kelly Graham

9th April 2022

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