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What is the likely outcome for my friend who vandalized her ex's car?
A friend of mine had just got a call from police saying she is to attend an interview regarding vandalism on her part. Back story- Her ex left a car on her property for four weeks, she kept telling him to move it but he never replied, and didn’t remove the vehicle. The car was registered to his previous partner at the time. My friend contacted the woman with ownership and she didn’t want anything to do with it. After not hearing back from her ex, my friend was going to arrange a collection for the car to be towed and in anger stupidly vandalised it inscribing/keying a four letter bad word on the side of it. However she came home one day and the car was gone after a good month of repeated messaging about the matter. I do not recall the age or model of the vehicle but I do know that this car had not had an MOT for five years, not sure if this makes any difference, or if the car being in someone else’s name at the time makes any difference either? My friend is not in a good place at the moment and is really struggling, and wants to know the probable outcome, if anyone is able to shed some light? I thought most probably a fine to repair the damage but she wants to be prepared. I think if she knows the likely consequence before it happens at least she’ll have time to process it and come to terms with their actions. Many Thanks in advance


18th April 2022

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NQ - Apart from this post, has your friend ever admitted to causing the damage? If not, it was parked in a public place by the sounds of it and could have been vandalised by anyone. Make sure your friend has a solicitor (duty will be available for a voluntary)

David Carroll

18th April 2022

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