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What is the minimum term for payment that needs to be provided?
Letter before action advice needed. Is there a minimum term for payment that needs to be provided? Background: partner is freelance web developer, built website for client, quote agreed to in writing. Website is almost complete and is online for feedback etc. Client is being difficult about paying, saying they expected it to take 2 hours! I’m preparing a letter before action ready to take it to small claims if they don’t pay.

Marcelino Bookman

20th April 2022

Top Answer
NQ Take the site down, and change the back end password until he pays

Rogelio Hawkins

20th April 2022


NQ The client expected a website to be designed in 2 hours? Wow, you can't even throw up a decent webpage in that time. Just a word of caution. If your client has access to the admin login to the back end of the website it would be reasonably easy for them to lock your husband out I would imagine. Make sure that you keep control of the website until it is resolved. Did the quote you gave the client estimate a project delivery timeframe? As stated above take the website down until you receive payment.

James Holmes

20th April 2022


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