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What legal aid/advice is the author entitled to if they want to divorce their husband after 15 years with no children?
Hello all, I don't know if I'm in the right group but hopefully I am. I am profoundly Deaf so please excuse any grammar issues on my part. I have been with my husband (He's Hearing) almost 15 years, no children. We have agreed to separate leading to divorce, no faults on both side. Just fell out of love with each other. Just seeking what legal aid/advice as to I'm entitled to as I don't want much from the divorce but I would like something to help me move on and onto my own place rather than leave with nothing. He owned his own house before I met him and I'm happy for him to keep the house. We have some equity but there's also debts as well. We have written up an agreement which we hope would be accepted and be legally binding and it's what I'm seeking response to. If husband can't get a remortgage, we have agreed that I will leave with nothing but if he comes to sell the house down the line, I get half of the sale profit. Or if he passes away before selling the house, the house would be passed onto my name. Is this legal to do so? Thank you.

Lori Ainsley

27th March 2022

Top Answer
NQ Mediation is cheaper than two solicitors. However, if you can agree everything between you, then one solicitor will be able to draft a simple written agreement for a few hundred pounds https:// www.mediateuk.co .uk/ complete-guide-t o-divorce-media tion/

Rogelio Hawkins

27th March 2022

Solicitor ( no longer in practice). Unfortunately you won't be entitled to legal aid unless you have been the victim of domestic abuse or violence. You can both enter into a Separation Agreement now but the terms of that Agreement won't necessarily be upheld as and when you come to divorce proceedings and ask the court to approve your agreement. It is only when the divorce court makes an order that you have complete certainty as to your future position. The court will be very reluctant to make an order which is very unfair to one of you On the face of it, your "agreement" doesn't sound fair to you at all. Normally the starting point after a 15 year marriage would be that there should be an equal division of the net value of the family home ( not just the profit accrued during your marriage) and an immediate sale of that property, if need be. The debts may or may not be taken into account, depending how and why there were run up and who benefitted from them. The court will also take into account any other assets that either of you have eg pensions You really should take some proper legal advice about your situation and if you do go down the route of a Separation Agreement, make sure that it is properly drawn up. From a legal POV, It isn't straightforward to provide for what you want to achieve

Carol Lewis

27th March 2022

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