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What legal recourse does the original owner have if they sold a car to a company that then claimed the car was broken?
Legal advice needed regarding car sale please - I sold my car to a buy it now type of company. They came and took pictures inside and out, checked under the bonnet while the car was running, took oil cap off to check, checked there were no faults on the dash etc (there weren’t). Then test drove the vehicle, after which they offered a price and I accepted (£1500 down from their original offer of £2400 because of lack of history with the car). Later that night I got a text saying the car broke down, clearly I sold it with a fault. I just want to know where I stand really. I’ve already had missed calls this morning, I’m also concerned that they will attend my property. I’m concerned I’ll be pressured into paying for it or similar. The car has never once broken down for me….. any legal advice and if someone could point me into the right direction where I find legal backing so I can support my arguement would be great. Edit - am now being told the car is completely broken 🤷🏼‍♀️


10th April 2022

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Nq ....It's sold as seen. Stand your ground and refuse anything. There's is nothing they can do.

Andre Salas

10th April 2022



NQ as above, explain was sold 'as is where is' condition. If they continue to harrass you kindly inform them you'll log a report to the police (and actually do).

Megan Garza

10th April 2022

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NQ but experience with car sales. Check your contract. There may be a clause that states in the event of there being a fault discovered with the vehicle within a period of them collecting that they have the right to reclaim their money/return the vehicle etc. I seem to remember that one of the big car buying services has something similar in theirs.

Sandra Haley

10th April 2022

NQ- make sure you put your reply in writing. If no email address then txt will do and screenshot it. In that reply make sure you include that they came and viewed the car, did all the checks (list them all even if minor) they checked for fault codes and they test drove it and where still happy to go ahead and buy it and that it was sold as seen and given they are the ‘Company’ that buys cars regularly they should already know that.

Connie Jordan

10th April 2022


Nq-Google caveat emptor “buyer beware” it should bring up a which? Article about private sales and sold as seen it’s part of the sale of goods act. They might be a “dealer” doubt it if you didn’t get a contract though… but your not your a private seller. Different rules.

Amy Pickard

10th April 2022


NQ - car dealer. There is absolutely nothing they can do. They are motor trade professionals and had ample time to inspect the car. Please don’t worry and most importantly don’t let them pressure you or harass you. (But they should hang their heads in shame at knocking off £900 for no service history on a £2,500 car - that’s daylight robbery. Maybe Karma has already dealt them??)

Terry Figueroa

10th April 2022


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