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What legal recourse is available for someone who was rear-ended by a van while stopped at a roundabout?
Hi all I am looking for legal advice on an issue I had yesterday involved a car incident. I was on a roundabout in my small car at a standstill as the roundabout werent clear for me to move off, I then got smashed into at the back of my car by a large van. After I got his details and medical attention I went home in a state of shock. I’m now suffering from neck and back problems which my doctor has told me is a result of the incident. Is there anything I can do? What’s the law on this matter? I need to know where to go to find help and to get a hearing to resolve this matter. My friends told me I can sue for “tort” but I don’t know what that is, I would appreciate an explanation of the laws involved in my incident. Thank you all in advance.

Noelle Hartman

10th April 2022


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Nq. Call your insurance company and they will deal with it all for you. That’s literally part of what you pay insurance for

Donald Peters

11th April 2022

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NQ I second the above comment. All claims for damage, and medical issues caused by, or arising from, the accident should be dealt with by your insurance company.

Bradford Ferris

11th April 2022

Driving instructor. The rules have changed. I have put a link from the government site. If you claim after march 2021 and the claim is for less than £5,000, there are new regulations in place. https:// www.gov.uk/ government/ publications/ whiplash-reform- programme-infor mation-and-faq. https:// www.truthlegal.c om/ legal-guides/ a-guide-to-the-2 021-whiplash-re forms-and-faq/

George Schwieger

11th April 2022

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NQ been in similar situation las year. Call your insurance they sort out everything

Lois Clyde

11th April 2022

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