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What legal rights does a non-custodial, unmarried father have in the UK?
I have been with my partner now for 8 years and we have a 3 year old. We are not married. I also have a son who is 9 and have a child's arrangement order with his dad who he sees every other weekend, plus split school holidays. I have a large family who my son sees regularly, including my mother who he sees very frequently. Long story short my son does not have the best relationship with his dad and never wants to go. I also know that if he was in his dads sole care, he would rarely ever get to see the family, including his sister. I've recently had a health scare and I can't stop thinking about what would happen for my son if something were to happen to me. Would my son be allowed to stay with his sister and my partner? Would they take his feelings in to account? Would any statement I left be taken in to account? Is there anything I can do to make sure things are already set in place if something were to happen? Would being married help this situation? Please only qualified or experienced responses.


18th March 2022

Top Answer
Solicitor ( no longer in practice). Does the child arrangements order say that your son is to live with you or does it deal only with contact?

Carol Lewis

18th March 2022

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