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What responsibility does a gym have to ensure the water temperature is set at a suitable limit?
England. Earlier today my partner attended their gym and whilst attempting to use the shower facilities the water came through as scaldingly hot and has "burned" an area of skin. On complaining to the receptionist, the manager checked the boilers and reported that it was indeed set to 60 degrees celsius. They thanked my partner for mentioning it. Not even an apology from the gym that their temperature setting was too high. After some further unhelpful discussion my partner was left with the feeling that the gym management didn't care that a customer had been scalded and that if it had happened to an older, less nimble person the outcome would certainly have been far worse. What responsibility does a gym have to ensure the water temperature is set at a suitable limit and what might my partner do to "nudge" the gym management to take the issue more seriously? Thanks in anticipation

Robert Hudson

20th October 2021

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Why didn't they check the temperature before they got under the water?

James Mcdonald

11th February 2022


Boiler being set at 60 degrees means nothing. My domestic boiler is currently set at 73 degrees - that doesn't mean that the shower water comes out at that.

Christopher Brown

11th February 2022



Right The place should have temperature control valves to BS EN 1111 or BS EN 1287. Also they should have risk assessments on the temp and control of hot water within the area of the building. You would probably find that they are breaking their own guidelines. I would expect that temp to be set for legonella testing, not for people to be beneath peeling like an onion. Water set to 60'c at point of use will kill someone. My advise would be to go and see a doctor or go to hospital and document this ASAP. Then a call to the health and safety executive with this, also the head office of the gym.

Luis Lebrecque

11th February 2022

> it was indeed set to 60 degrees celsius That in & of itself may not be relevant, you'd firstly have to check the calibration, and even if that is correct, you'd have to factor in the distance to the outlet and the lost of heat in that distance.

Debbie Carrillo

11th February 2022



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