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What should the individual do in response to the legal notice they received from their former employer?
Hello everyone, I am looking for advice on employment dispute. I was working for company B on pay role of company A for 2 years and company B offered me Permanent position. Both companies understood and agreed about my transition to company B from company A because they were working together. Now both companies are no longer working together and company A decided to send a legal notice (from company's internal team) to me that based on my agreement I should not work with their client for 24 months and if that's true respond to the notice. I asked my company B to talk with company A to sort this matter as both companies knew about my transition and they were happy with it at that time now they decided to not work together hence this notice, but as this notice is sent to me (individual) not to company so they can not do much. Now, I need advice what should I do, as agreement does say I cannot work for client for 24 months. But I also asked for No Objection Certificate (NOC) during the transition both parties said its not necessary. I have proof that both company knew about transition and were happy about it. Note: notice doesn't mention about loss and no deadline to respond to this notice. Is this just threat or is this something serious matter? Also, can someone also suggest employment solicitor as well for this matter. Thanks in advance.

John Oneill

10th April 2022

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NQ, it will be very difficult for A to bring a case against you. You have evidence of them agreeing to this and also they cannot stop you from making a living despite what their contract states. Contact CAB and they will explain it all

James Mullins

11th April 2022


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