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What should the individual say about their first job in the interview for their new job?
I've been working at a small convenience store for about 7 months. When I started they took all my details you usually would for a job. NI and that stuff but I've never received a pay slip and know that they have been fined before for not paying employee taxes. The new job I'm looking at is with the national trust just working as a waiter on weekends. I am not sure how I declare my first job in the interview. Any advice on this? England btw

Carolyn Creagh

19th October 2021



Top Answer
You tell them you have another job and want to work both. There’s no fancy process for it. If you have a second job they’re essentially supposed to tell HMRC so they sort out your tax code correctly for each job. Assuming the new employer is fine with you working two jobs that’s all there is to it. You’re required by law to be provided with a payslip, either physical or electronic. I would recommend setting up a personal tax account and checking they are actually deducting tax/NI and declaring it to HMRC. The cash in hand part doesn’t matter but you’d likely be on the hook for any missing tax or NI.

Patricia Bagley

11th February 2022



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