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What should the person do if their employer is setting out to make their life difficult?
Hi, could someone help me please, I’m having a horrendous time at work due to covid and how they’ve been treating me and they are absolutely setting out in making my life difficult, today I received this letter and an invite to a meeting on Thursday morning. To put some context to it, I have started my own business, I never go on social media on my work laptop but I do go on the internet sometimes. I’m guessing they’ve looked at my business Facebook page and the times of some of my posts etc which some will have definitely been in work time. I do send personal emails from my laptop but none to customers or anything like that. I have no idea what to do or how to deal with it, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Gertrude Weatherford

22nd April 2022

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NQ-Union rep. You can approach Acas for advice if you are not in a Union. It is good practice to allow union rep or colleague to attend the fact finding with you. Read your policy and check whether personal email/ internet usage is allowed in company time. They will have likely had IT look at your usage so will have details of the times/ websites you have been on as well as the times of postings on your business page. They will go through each allegation asking whether you have done this. Then will consider whether there is evidence to proceed to disciplinary. I always advise people to be honest as it’s likely they have got the information already, and if people lie at disciplinary it looks worse. Consider whether you have signed the social media policy/ been made aware of it this could be used to mitigate if not.

Cara Hearnsberger

22nd April 2022


NQ What is the issue with covid?

Daniel Alpers

22nd April 2022

NQ- posts to your business page are not proof you've been working on your business during their time as you can schedule posts. So ask what evidence they have. Give ACAS a call.

Kathy Gatewood

22nd April 2022



They have asked you to attend an investigation meeting. There is no requirement for them to give you any prior notice but they have demonstrated good practice by by doing so. There is a also no right to be accompanied at an Investigation meeting.


22nd April 2022

You need to attend the meeting and just answer all the questions honestly.


22nd April 2022

NQ. Do you have a contract and does it state anything about other jobs or self employment? Just might be worth checking too.

William Fletcher

22nd April 2022

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