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What should the person do if they keep receiving bills from the previous tenant's energy company?
Hi, I need some advice please. I live in a housing association property, I moved here in September 2021 after doing a mutual exchange. The previous tenants used Energy Company 1 (ec1) as their fuel supplier, and I was with Energy Company 2 (ec2). Weeks before moving we both put in a change of circumstances and gave the new addresses. They took ec1 with them, I took ec2 with me. I have been making my payments to ec2, never missed a single one and they have been billing me however ec1 have now sent me a bill but addressed to my housing association. I spoke to ec1 and told them they're not the supplier here, he tried to make me phone various people and I said "no, it's your mistake. I'm not running around after you cleaning it up" to which he agreed and said no more letters would be sent. I also emailed my HA and showed them the letters plus proof I have been paying ec2. Today I had a default notice through from ec1 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Where do I go from here? Thanks

Robert Ammons

3rd April 2022

Top Answer
Nq did you inform EC2 of the address change with meter readings on moving in? Do you have bills for EC2 with current address. Then I would send EC1 a copy of these. Might be worth speaking to your own company too

Marcia Middleton

3rd April 2022

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