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What should the person do if they still haven't received their pay nearly 3 weeks after the initial pay date?
Any advice welcome, I worked at a coffee shop in between transitioning of jobs, but unfortunately the majority of this time I was hospitalised due to illness and had missed 5 shifts. However they treated me awfully saying I should’ve put the business before myself, so I came back to work and worked a week before I left for my new job. I received my last payslip, with the pay date of 24th December. The pay never came, so I enquired and they said the 31st December so again, I waited and nothing came. Now, nearly 3 weeks from the initial pay date, I still haven’t received my pay. I’ve tried emailing back and forth but it always results in them telling me “it’s coming” and they need “more proof” however I’ve sent every piece of proof they Would need. I wouldn’t be too bothered if it was a couple pounds but, it’s nearly £600 they aren’t paying me and I’m stuck on what to do, as I need the money as I’m a single mum!

Catherine Rosas

29th March 2022

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Nq contact acas

Sherri Laramie

29th March 2022

NQ- is your final pay linked to your uniform and have you given your uniform back?

Sierra Frey

29th March 2022

NQ but payroll professional. Send them a 'Letter Before Action', giving 14 days to settle up, after which you will pursue the debt in the Small Claims Court. This is very simple to do and will cost £70 but this amount will be added to your claim amount and recovered from them. They will not want to spend time and money in defending a valid claim, nor will they want a CCJ recorded against them. Good luck!

Jan Cox

29th March 2022

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NQ if you were off sick you only need to provide a sick note to get paid sick pay - you need to notify them within 7 days though and send sick note. For shifts you’ve worked not sure what proof they want above being at work??

Charles Devine

29th March 2022

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