What will happen if the mother refuses to let the father see the kids, blocks his number, and tells her solicitor she is no longer interested? | LawHive - Solicitors & Lawyers Online
What will happen if the mother refuses to let the father see the kids, blocks his number, and tells her solicitor she is no longer interested?
Hello I've been involved with solicitors for over a year now. My kids dad walked out of my kids lives for 7 months on his own terms. He then got solicitors involved to start visits again. He's been seeing them once a week but isn't providing adequate care. He's trying for overnights atm and its going to court soon. The most recent visit I found out my son (almost 3 years old) was in the car sitting on his knee and not in his carseat because he wanted his girlfriends kids to be with them and there was no room in the car. I'm waiting on a call back from the police regarding this. I'm just wandering what will happen if I refuse to let him see the kids anymore, block his number and tell my solicitor I'm no longer interested in this? My kids come first and given everything thats gone on I can't continue to allow this. Thank you.


10th April 2022

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Llm graduate- firstly it understandable to be upset if he hasn’t used correct seat etc. it’s going to be unlikely the police will do anything. In terms of the court case then it’s best to go ahead with it - just because he wants overnight visits doesn’t mean he’ll get them but ignoring him and not letting him see the kids isn’t going to win you any favours either.

Kelly Graham

10th April 2022

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Nq but in court again. Just because he's requested overnight doesn't mean he'll get it. Turn up to court say your concerns or it might go against you and they may order them overnight stays.

Colin Williams

10th April 2022

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NQ law student- unless you have photo/video even of the car incident then it won’t go anywhere. Hearsay isn’t admissible evidence in court. If you refuse contact and block his number it could construed that you are preventing the children having contact with their father. You can tell your solicitor that you are no longer interested however he instructed the solicitors to re-establish contact so should you fail to engage this will also go against you. A Court Order could be made in your absence and if you are not there to defend his claims, it could go in his favour.

Mabel Dodge

10th April 2022

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