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What would happen if the jet washing company refused to do any more work?
NQ Hi all, new to the group and first time posting. My business provided a jet washing service to a new build housing site. As you would expect sections of mortar had some imperfections due to the high pressure water removing the tough and stubborn cement that bricklayers had spilt down the walls and had splashed up from scaffold boards around the houses. A couple of weeks went by and all invoices became overdue and they were ignoring my calls, they then decided after lots of calls trying to contact them they would let me know about the imperfections. (Baring In mind that their workers are then to rectify any missing or damaged mortar before it gets checked over) The original agreement was to come in, jet the spilled cement off these houses and that was it. They then told us that they would not pay our overdue invoices until we had gone and patched up any bits that we caused, we then spent a lot of time going around each of the houses patching up what may have been caused by the washing process. Once we had done that, they then still refused to pay the invoices, are very rude and then got us to start going over the houses again getting us to do their guys patching up (baring in mind some of these holes/imperfections are from other trades using grinders to input weep vents and lead work and clearly not from the washing) We thought we would do one house as they promised to make some sort of payment to what they owed, and still nothing! We have now worked on site for almost a month and have received only a small percentage of our invoices. It’s got to the point now that they are just very rude,aggressive and clearly out to just get us to do as much work as possible to save them having to do it with still no payment. It’s effecting our health from the stress and financially as wages are still increasing even though I’m not getting paid, where would I stand if we just walked away from the site and refuse to do any more work? Thank you.


18th March 2022

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