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When appealing a cost order in a small claims county court, is another hearing required?
Questions regarding appealing a cost order: Claim was heard in a small claims county court. 1. When appealing a cost order, assuming the court accepts the appeal, is another hearing required? If so, do both parties attend? 2. What is the cost for lodging an appeal application and if declined, does one still need to pay? 3. Can the other party oppose to the appeal? 4. When lodging an appeal, does the current sum owing get placed on hold? 5. How does it work when applying for financial help with the cost of the court fee's? Does this have to be done prior to lodging an appeal? Can an application for court fee's already paid also be lodged, after a case has been heard? 6. I'm potentially going to use a Solicitor rather than litigant in person and wondered how this works with regard to applying for court fee's to be covered. Shall I apply for the fee's to be covered and then engage in the Solicitor's services as without the court fee covered I may be unable to afford to progress further with the Solicitor. Thank you in advance

Megan Garza

10th March 2022

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