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Where does the liability for upcoming roof repairs sit?
I am in the process of selling my leasehold property. There has been mention of upcoming roof repairs for which the cost will be covered by a substantial ‘sink fund’ and potentially an additional charge per property. We have mentioned within the solicitor forms that some roof maintenance has been mentioned by the RTM but at this point we don’t know the cost and have heard the work is unlikely to start until September 2022 at the earliest. Where do we stand with any additional cost for repairing the roof? We simply don’t have that information as it doesn’t exist. The RTM are just starting to look into it. It could be an additional £1k per flat or £15k per flat. I/the RTM simply do it know at this stage. Does the liability sit with the leaseholder of the property on a set date (past, present or future)? Or does it sit with the leaseholder in residence at the time that the invoices are raised?


4th April 2022

Top Answer
Conveyancer - The management company should give as much information as they have available at the moment in the sales pack. The purchaser will then need to make a decision to proceed on the basis that unknown costs are likely to arise for the works as upon completion the current leaseholder will be responsible for the costs.

Mitzi Pinks

5th April 2022

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