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Why did the person receive a letter from the court stating that it is now a defended case?
Hi I'm looking for abit of advice please, I'm not qualified and I've never had to issue a claim to the small claims court before. I bought a TV last year and when it was delivered it was clear it has problems. I bought it brand new from the manufacturer and it came with a 1 year warranty. Our that year they kept making loads of excuses about why they couldn't repair it, anyway long story short the CAB told me my only option was to issue court proceedings to get my money back. After issuing the court letter I recieved a letter from the manufacturers solicitors stating they didn't owe the money etc etc About a week later they sent another letter again stating they didn't owe it Last week they sent another letter stating they would agree to collect the TV and issue a full refund, I agreed to this, signed the paperwork and sent it back 6 days ago. Yesterday I recieved a letter from the court stating It is now a defended case The case is suitable for allocation to the small claims track I must by the 14th February complete the small claims questionnaire and file it Does anyone know why I have recieved this as I agreed for the TV to be collected and refunded? I have never dealt with the court before and I'm worried now that something has gone wrong Thank you


2nd April 2022

Top Answer
Nq - write and state it's been settled after you receive the refund.

Ricardo Burleson

2nd April 2022

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