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Why have the contractors not returned to finish the job?
Hi I’m looking for some housing advice? Hopefully someone can help. I moved into my council flat almost 4 years ago. From previous tenants there was a walk in shower installed in the bathroom. The water pressure of this was way to high for my daughter, we had many troubles with the shower and caused a lot of mould and damp in my bathroom. The council have finally agreed to change it to a bath. A contractor came out this past Monday to take apart the shower, he then said there was asbestos underneath the flooring and I needed to wait for someone to remove it. They came on Tuesday. They removed what was needed and also did an asbestos check around the property to. I rung the contractors on Wednesday to find out when someone would be back to carry on with the job..I was told they have the reports from the asbestos and would be back today. No one has came. So I rung back and asked what was going on, I’ve now been told they don’t have the reports from the asbestos check and no one can come out until they receive it and when they’re next available to come back to my property. I have no washing facilities at all. Surely they can’t just do this?

Freda Washington

19th April 2022

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